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Pixalpocketmedia, is a  site created by me  Brandon Parker, I have always wanted to have my own website as I always thought it was cool to have my own website. That did not officially come to true life until 2011 as I was still learning how to build a website. What is the point of this website one might ask, well it is to show the creative side of myself and to promote myself outside of Youtube and other popular social media sites. One big thing about me is that I am a die hard Terminator fan mostly I love the first 2 movies by James Cameron and Arnold the man himself who made the Terminator an iconic character.  I started showing  myself back in 2009 when I was not sure what to at the time until I created my very first tutorial on Sony Vegas. With the growing popularity of my first tutorial I then realized that being a fan of the Terminator actually made me realize that I was a fan of movies overall and because of this I decided to teach people what I know because as a kid I loved being on the computer in fact I loved it so much that it was hard for me to even get off the computer. So when I started doing tutorials and seeing the comments on my videos I knew from then on I should do more tutorials.

My tutorial channel is called Mastersun88 AKA Brandon Parker – Geek Tutorials . but that is not the only youtube channel that I have as am big into gaming since I was kid  my first game system that I ever had was the Nintendo and to this day I always think about the games that I used to play and as for most gamers some of the games back in the day were crappy but to be honest as much as most of the games that I played back in the day sucked I look at them as a memory of the good old days, but let me cut to the chase I am by no means a rich person or a person who is popular like most youtubers that million of people may or may not know such as youtubers like Freddiew, Finalcutking, JamesNintendoNerd AKA Average Video game Nerd, and Rhett & Link to name a few, but the fact of the matter is even though I am not rich and I have no one to help me out I do what I do on the internet because it is what I love to do and I have been a computer, game freak and a person who some days dreams of making is own action or sci-fi film ever since I was a kid. I am right now in film school at the Colorado Film School trying to do my best to put myself out there as much as I can, but with my luck it has been really hard for get to where I want to be, but the truth I am not one to give up because this is my dream and this is what I love to do as I won’t give up on it.

So when that day comes I will know that it was all me because I never gave up and no matter how far life takes me I am going to do my best to show the world who I am and what I am made of.  so if you can please support me by giving me a donation anything I get will be used to help keep my website going and to help expand my tutorial, and to do more game play videos, my gamertag that I go by when I do anything with games is FantasiArt. Just click on the little donation button on the button of website.